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Whisky advent calendars 2023

Whisky advent calendars 2023


There you go, we said it! No beating about the bush, no softly softly; it’s past mid November and we’re now on the home straight to December 1st. There’s no avoiding it, especially if you want to mark advent in style!

We all love an advent calendar.  Years ago, it was just a simple picture behind a door (a very heavily glittered one at that!).  Then came the chocolate advent calendars – nice.  Now, you can find a variety of beauty products, sweets, candles, jewellery etc to liven up the countdown to the big day.  And for the whisky enthusiast, what better way to begin December and the festive season than to open that daily door to reveal your very own dram of liquid gold – be it a single malt, blended, fine and rare, it will be all yours!

So, let’s get straight to it – our top 8 whisky advent calendars for 2023. For lovers of all types of whisky to replace ‘nine drummers drumming’, with ‘nine drams for drinking’ ?! – we definitely prefer the latter, but with a calendar you’ll get 24 or 25 drams, ho ho ho!

The Whisky Exchange – The Perfect Measure – 25 Whiskies of The World – £145

What better way to start than with 25 different whiskies from all over the globe. The Whisky Exchange promises great names such as Glen Scotia, Caol Ila and Bruichladdich, as well as bourbons and rye.  From Scotland, Ireland, America and more, this calendar will take your taste buds all over the world! 

Flaviar – The Lost Art of Distillation – £199.20

An advent calendar and whisky adventure in one!

This Intriguingly packaged box contains 24 whisky samples from names such as Starward, Annandale and Heaven’s Door including 12 award winning whiskeys and tastings from no less than 11 countries including, Scotland, France, America, Germany and Belgium.

And to further enhance your tasting experience, included in the box is a tasting journal with a variety of information about each dram, plus two custom Glencairn glasses. With a free one-year Flaviar Black Membership also thrown in, entitling the member access to rare, limited edition and vintage bottles, this advent calendar is a real Christmas cracker! 

Drinks by the Dram – Old & Rare – £999.95

For some, the festive season is a time to just let go and enjoy the best of everything, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t apply to a whisky advent calendar too!

A fantastic way to sample drams you may not otherwise get a chance to try. 

Hidden behind gilded bi-fold doors are 24 x 30ml wax sealed drams of incredibly well aged whiskies.  We won’t spoil it for you, but we’re talking the likes of Glenfiddich 30 year old Suspended Time from the Time Reimagined series and The Glenlivet 21-year-old from The Sample Room Collection.

An extra-large drawer in the centre of the box contains a Glencairn tasting glass for you to savour the delights of your drams.    

Drinks by the Dram – Peaty Whisky – £149.95

A real treat for the peat lovers.  Peaty whisky isn’t for everyone, but for die hard smoky flavour fans, this one is definitely for you!

A fantastic variety of wax sealed 30ml whiskies from Scotland, England and Japan await you behind the 24 drawers.  From Smokehead  Unfiltered 10 year old to Seaweed & Aeons & Digging Fire 10 year old.  And of course, a peated whisky selection wouldn’t be complete without an offering from Laphroaig!

Drinks by The Dram – The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar – £249.95

Japanese Whisky renowned for its use of unusual wood casks and unique flavours and has garnered a fan base all of its own.  For those people, or others who wish to explore the variety on offer from this far-flung archipelago, here is the perfect advent calendar for you.

24 doors set into a beautiful Kintsugi inspired decorated box, (or you can plump for the original design) reveal your daily 30ml tipple of some of the best whisky Japan has to offer. With big names such as Nikka, Suntory and Yamazaki, and offerings such as single malt, blended, distiller’s reserve and cask strength, this calendar is sure to delight.  

Drinks by the Dram – Bourbon & American – £147.95

A fiesta of all American whiskey awaits you behind 24 windows. 

A selection of bourbon, rye and Tennessee whisky from huge names such as Michter’s, Four Roses, Bulleit and Uncle Nearest contained in 30ml wax sealed bottles are sure to hit the spot for all American whisky afficionados.

Elixir Distillers – Single Malts of Scotland – £204

For some, it has to be Scotch and it has to be a single malt.  If you fall into this category, we have just the advent calendar for you!

Open the box to find 24 doors hiding some of the best single malts Scotland has to offer.  Aged drams from 7 – 31 years from each of the whisky regions, you’ll be spoilt rotten with drams from distilleries such as Ardmore, Highland Park, Laphroaig and Glen Elgin.

To further your knowledge, the left-hand side of the box provides informative facts about the region from which your non chill filtered, naturally coloured whisky derives.

Now, for our final recommendation, we could have gone for a more affordable Calander, such as Johnnie Walker’s limited edition, 12 drams for £56.30, or the Boutique-y- Whisky Company at £125.  Both are fabulous, as are a plethora of others.  But we decided to sign off with a bang……something probably not in most people’s advent calendar budgets, but hey, it’s Christmas, a time to dream!


Drinks by the Dram – Very Old and Rare Whisky Advent Calendar – £9,999.95

24 super premium drams from Scotland and Japan that will leave you picking your jaw up from the floor (if the price hasn’t done that already!!!).

The Ultimate in whisky delight. 24 bottles of dreamy, vintage whisky. 

We’re talking pure luxury; Macallan, Port Ellen, Auchentoshan, Yamazaki plus many more. An opulent array of 30, 40, 50 and even 60 year old drams all contained in a lavish walnut case…..Happy Advent!

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