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The perfect Christmas gift for the whisky scholar!

The perfect Christmas gift for the whisky scholar!

Buying a real whisky lover an unusual gift can be somewhat of a challenge.  Apart from the obvious bottle of whisky, there are whisky stones, glasses, decanters, hip flasks…. chances are though they’ve probably already got all those – in triplicate!


So, what can you give a real whisky ‘geek’ – for want of a better word?  Well, we think we’ve found just the thing.

The Distillation of Whisky, 1927-1931 is a republished book providing fascinating insights into the world of whisky crafting during the interwar years. Many details from this period had faded into the obscurity resulting in gaps in whisky’s history. Now however, they are being brought back into existence by James Eadie Ltd, independent whisky blender and bottler.

Photograph courtesy of the British Library Board - The James Eadie Ltd team

However, James Eadie Ltd are not only republishing the book with all the images reproduced at ultra-high definition (over 130 of them) they are also looking to resurrect some of these ‘lost’ whiskies. 

Enlisting the help of six of some of Scotland’s most creative distilleries – Ardnamurchan, Dornoch, Holyrood, InchaDairnie, Lochlea and one other as yet unnamed farm distillery, these whiskies will be recreated and distilled between now and Spring 2024, with their releases coming during the next decade.  Definitely something to look out for!

Renowned whisky aficionados Dave Broom (whisky author) and Alan Winchester (Alan being the former Master Distillery at The Glenlivet) have each written a foreword for the book.

“Whisky’s history is a jigsaw puzzle where many of the pieces have been lost.

By giving detailed insights into whisky productions at the start of the 20th century, this book provides a greater understanding of what ‘old-style’ whisky would have tasted like.  Many myths have exploded as a result. It is must read for distillers, blenders and whisky lovers.”

– Dave Broom

“These fascinating articles shine a spotlight into what was going on 100 years ago.

“Some practices may seem strange now, but others still continue. This contradicts and challenges the views that innovation didn’t exist, and everything was traditional.”

– Alan Winchester

In case this just isn’t enough to quench the thirst of the whisky lover in your life, you’ll pleased to know that this isn’t the first time James Eadie Ltd have dipped their toe into the pool of whisky history. They have also produced a single book combining a series of largely forgotten articles spanning seven years, from 1922-1929.  These articles chronicled visits to 124 distilleries in Great Britain and Ireland and include 640 photographs, which have been digitised by the British Library’s archiving team.

‘The Distillers of Great Britain and Ireland – A Journey Through the Heartlands of Whisky, 1922 – 1929 is a fascinating adventure of discovery via documented accounts and will be sure to be a big hit for any whisky fan.

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