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The 70’s are back! – Glenglassaugh releases cask collection from a memorable era

The 70’s are back! – Glenglassaugh releases cask collection from a memorable era

For those of us who were lucky enough to be growing up during the 1970’s, we can look back with many fond memories.  A decade of no particular definition, riding on the back of the swinging sixties with its liberating influences and entering a phase of eclectic styles, from hippie, disco and punk.


From huge advances in film technology such as Star Wars, to cult blockbusters such as Grease and The Godfather; the latter giving its name to the now popular whisky cocktail. Glam rock styles sported by Elton John, flares, platform shoes, the Ford Cortina, Raleigh Chopper bikes and the good old audio cassette, pencil at the ready to wind the tape back in when the cassette player chewed it up (always when you were the recording the Top 40 off the radio!)

But, in the tone of Monty Python’s Life of Brian ‘what did the Roman’s ever do for us?’ what else did the 1970’s do for us? 

The ‘golden era’ for whisky production

Fortunately for us, whisky drinking wasn’t huge in the 1970’s, but single malt was beginning its growth in popularity.

So, while we were all riding our Chopper bikes round the streets, free of mobile phones and social media, Glenglassaugh Distillery was busy in its tranquil location on the north east coast of the Scottish Highlands, laying down casks of single malt whisky and storing them in a warehouse perched high atop the cliffs.

There, in their coastal idyll, they sat quietly maturing, absorbing the briny air as it snaked its way around the casks, invading every fibre of the wood.  For two decades when the distillery was closed, they remained; sentinels above the serpentine rock upon which they sat. Until, 2008 when the distillery was resurrected and the casks discovered.

The Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection

Named in homage to the serpentine ‘marble’ cliffs surrounding the distillery and the natural elements of sea and air, The Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection debuts with three beautifully aged expressions – a 48 year old from 1974, 49 year old from 1973 and a 51 year old from 1972.  Each expression has been drawn from a single cask selected by Master Blender Rachel Barrie, and individually numbered.

“It is extremely rare to find casks which have been left to mature in coastal locations for such a long period of time, and our warehouses, perched on cliffs overlooking Sandend Bay, have acted as the custodians of this old and rare liquid for over five decades. These casks give a unique insight into the nature of whisky making at the distillery before it was closed and capture a moment in time like few other expressions can.” – Rachel Barrie, Master Blender


Each cask presents its own unique sensory gifts;

48 year old –

Matured in an Aleatico Red Wine Barrique cask producing a rouge bronze colour.

Distillers tasting notes:

Nose:  Enticing waves of soft blueberry, peach and tamarind on a base of meringue and gently salted pistachio cream

Taste:  A delicious melange of mouthwatering blackberry, lychee and raspberry infused with passionfruit and sea salt

ABV: 46.1%


49 year old

Matured in a Bourbon barrel producing a medallion gold colour.

Distillers tasting notes:

Nose:  Exotic fruit elixir with guava, white peach and coconut cream carried on a sultry gorse-infused ocean breeze

Taste:  Silken waves of tropical sun-drenched fruit envelope the palate in a papaya, passion fruit and guava caress

ABV: 42.1%


51 year old

Matured in an Oloroso Puncheon cask producing a molten bronze colour

Distillers tasting notes:

Nose:  Sun-dried raisin, blood orange preserve and maraschino cherry, with sandalwood, spiced vetiver and sea salt

Taste:  Enveloping waves of raisin balsamic, blackberry jus and salted treacle infused with orange and sloe syrup

ABV:  44.2%

Are the bottles available now?

Launched on 22 January 2024 in Singapore, the collection is now available globally and will continue to grow over the coming year with a limited selection of casks being released.

We’re sure these are going to be stunning collector’s items.

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