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First of its kind collaboration is released – The Dalmore and V&A Luminary Series

First of its kind collaboration is released – The Dalmore and V&A Luminary Series

In an exciting new collaboration, The Dalmore and V&A Dundee have come together to create the Luminary Series: a collection of rare, limited-edition single malts.

Each release in the series will see the presentation of two unique whiskies by exceptional talent from the worlds of whisky and architectural design. This is the first time such a collaboration has been undertaken, and it promises to be a truly unique experience for whisky lovers everywhere!

A combination of design and passion

The collaboration showcases the combined talents of internationally acclaimed architects Kengo Kuma and his protégé Maurizio Mucciola, Master Distiller Richard Paterson OBE and Master Whisky maker, Gregg Glass.

There is a lot of commonalities between whisky-making and architecture. Both are crafts that require a combination of skill, experience and creativity. And both disciplines place a great emphasis on the importance of using the best materials and techniques to create something truly special.

It was this shared passion for excellence that led Kengo Kuma and Maurizio Mucciola to approach Dalmore with the idea of creating a unique blend of whisky that would be a fitting tribute to the iconic Scottish distillery.

The result is the Luminary Series. In total, 6 bottles of exceptional rare and limited edition single malts will be released – 2 each year, from 2022 – 2024. One collectible and one rare. Each will unite and celebrate the crafting talents of both whisky and architecture, using natural materials, with a particular emphasis on wood for the sculpture as an homage to the surroundings of both the Dalmore and V&A Dundee. 

Luminary No.1: Rare 2022 Edition

The first release in the Luminary Series is a 48-Year-Old Single Malt which has been matured in four exceptional sherry casks. Only three bottles of this extraordinary whisky have been produced, making it a truly rare and collectable spirit.

Two of these bottles of incredibly scarce whisky will be housed in a one-of-a-kind sculpture from Kengo Kuma. Made from 48 diamond shapes – (1 for each year the whisky aged) of Japanese Oak, Scottish Tay Oak (from a tree which had fallen on the banks of the river Tey) and steel, it will showcase the two different cask types used in its maturation. 

The whisky within the bottle is a deep golden caramel colour with a rich and complex nose of cherries, coffee and floral top notes. On the palate, there are hints of dried fruits, dark chocolate and liquorice, leading to a long and luxurious sweet orange finish.

Hand-created by Master Distiller Richard Paterson, this is a truly exceptional whisky which represents the very best of Scottish craftsmanship. 

The Luminary No.1: Collectible 2022 Edition

The box housing the first of the Collectibles, designed by Mucciola, is a contemporary artwork in its own right.  Designed to pay homage to his mentor, Kuma-san, Mucciola uses the same geometric diamond pattern to adorn the outer casing. The glorifier was handmade by a team of V&A Dundee’s master craftsmen and is a bold, unapologetic design which reflects the whisky inside – powerful, yet refined.

The whisky itself is a 15-year-old single malt, matured in American white oak and finished in hand selected Italian Amarone red wine casks before being transferred to a specially designed Kintsugi cask, made from Scottish Tay Oak, Japanese Mizunara Oak, and American White Oak. The use of all 4 woods was in honour of the nationality of the four luminaries creating the series.

The Japanese work Kintsugi refers to the art of repairing broken pottery using gold or other precious metals. The philosophy behind this is that the repaired object is more beautiful for having been broken. This whisky embodies that philosophy – it is a whisky that has been ‘repaired’ or enhances and made more beautiful by its time in the Kintsugi cask.

The result is a rich, complex whisky with notes of vanilla, oak, and red wine. The Kintsugi cask has added a beautiful golden colour to the whisky, and the finish is long and smooth.

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