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Eye catchingly sumptuous: Bowmore Arc – 52 + Aston Martin

Eye catchingly sumptuous: Bowmore Arc – 52 + Aston Martin

This is the story of two iconic British brands, brought together by a shared passion for luxury and quality. 

Bowmore, Scotland’s oldest distillery, and Aston Martin, maker of some of the world’s most beautiful cars, have come together to create something truly special. The culmination of their collaboration is the new Bowmore Arc-52.

The combination of Bowmore’s world-renowned single malt whisky and Aston Martin’s stunning design makes for an intoxicating mix. The result is a unique, luxury product that is sure to turn heads.

The Aston Martin decanter

Aston Martin’s signature style is immediately evident in the design of the Bowmore Arc-52. The decanter, made from lead-free crystal, is shaped with clean, sweeping lines that are reminiscent of their range of cars. It is then finished with a beautiful chrome-plated cap.

It is then hand-finished with a black leather base and silver detailing, including the Aston Martin wings logo.

The Bowmore Scotch

The whisky itself is just as special. It is a 52-year-old single malt from Islay, one of the most renowned whisky-producing regions in Scotland. This particular expression was matured in two casks, a first-fill sherry cask, and American Oak ex-bourbon hogshead, which give it a deep amber colour and rich, fruity flavour.

On the nose, there are notes of raisins, oranges, chocolate and cloves, while the palate is sweet and spicy with a long, warming finish. This remarkable whisky is bottled at 42.6% ABV and is presented in a bespoke, leather-bound case.

Commenting on the whisky, Bowmore Master Blender Ron Welsh said:

“Working with Aston Martin remains hugely rewarding and fascinating for me. It continues to inspire us and show us a different way of working, with absolute precision and has allowed us to create what, in my opinion, is the best Bowmore over 50 years old that I have ever tasted.”

Just 100 bottles of this limited edition whisky have been produced, making it a truly special release. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, you can expect to pay around $75,000, but it’s sure to be worth it for the ultimate whisky connoisseur.

The perfect combination

Bowmore has built a reputation for producing some of the finest single malt whiskies in the world, so it’s no surprise that they have teamed up with one of the most prestigious car brands around.

Aston Martin is synonymous with luxury, style and performance, making it the perfect partner for Bowmore. The two brands share a commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, which is evident in the stunning Arc-52.

The 50-year-old is a blend of whiskies from three different American oak casks resulting in a whisky with an incredibly complex flavour profile, including notes of sun-dried vanilla, dark chocolate, fresh citrus fruits and a hint of smoke. Just 220 bottles of this whisky have been produced.

With a combination of an intriguing theme and some truly exceptional whiskies, the Time Re:Imagined collection is sure to be a hit with whisky lovers around the world. Glenfiddich has once again shown that it is a leader in innovation within the Scotch whisky category.

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