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A Treat for the Mum in your life

A Treat for the Mum in your life

Dating back as far as the 16th Century, Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is a day celebrated throughout the globe.  Whilst its original celebration had religious origins, with the ‘mother’ being the ‘mother church’ the symbolism remains the same, a time to return to the ‘mother’ to give thanks and appreciation. 

The traditional gift is of course flowers.  Now I challenge you to find a woman who doesn’t appreciate a vase of beautiful flowers adorning the kitchen table. However, commercialism has, in our opinion spoiled this somewhat.  The couple of days leading up to Mothering Sunday has an almost skyrocketing effect on prices, that is enough to make your eyes water!   What was a £5 bunch of lovely flowers the previous week is now a good £30. And do they last longer? No, of course they don’t.  Now, we’re not wanting to put florists out of business, but we’d like to suggest an alternative – yep, all things whisky related!

If you read our article on International Women’s Day, you’ll know that there are plenty of women who appreciate the complexities of a good Scotch, be it blended or single malt.  So, why not get the whisky loving mother figure in your life something that will:

  • Last a bit longer than a bunch of flowers
  • Have the ability to be personalised
  • Encourage her to sit back, kick off her shoes and relax whilst savouring a drop of the good stuff!

We’ve found a number of websites which offer some fantastic personalisation options.

If you already know which whisky your Mum likes, head over to Engraved where you can select your desired dram and have a personalised message engraved on the bottle.

The Whisky Exchange offers the opportunity to select your whisky, choose a label and write a personalised message on it, creating a unique looking bottle.

Then we have Sparkling Direct who leave the bottle just as it is and instead have created a special Mother’s Day presentation box. 

The Whisky Tasting Company have something a little different.  They’ve created a beautiful boxed whisky tasting set, which includes some fabulous 10-year-old single malts. Accompanied by tasting notes, this makes a great gift. 


Some recommendations from us

Arran single malt Scotch whisky – 

  • Non – chill filtered
  • Natural colour
  • Tasting notes of rich, honeyed and malty fruitiness. A citrus burst but with a gently warmth that lingers on the palate. 


Glenmorangie – The original 

A beautiful bright, pale gold, double distilled 10-year-old single malt with a smooth and balanced finish.  With aromas of citrus, peach and vanilla, and a smooth honeyed crème brûlée finish, this wonderful Scotch whisky is equally at home drunk neat, or as part of a fabulous cocktail. 


For the eco conscious Mum, where better to turn than Nc’Nean.

The certified B Corp distillery offers a smooth and elegant organic single malt Scotch, which is bursting with flavours of citrus, peach, apricot and spices.  Made from organic Scottish barley, this non-chill filtered and natural coloured dram has been matured in American Oak, red wine and some sherry casks, to create a deliciously balanced and delicate whisky, served in a 100% recycled glass bottle. 

And there you have it, plenty of options for the whisky loving Mum or mother figure in your life, and all a wonderful way to show your appreciation for her.  And with 1-2 days delivery options available, you’ve still got time to make the perfect Mother’s day purchase. 

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