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Sustainability is second nature at The Macallan

Sustainability is second nature at The Macallan

Originally Posted: Evening Standard
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From how we distil, mature and package our single malts to how we manage the 485-acre Macallan Estate, sustainable practices are at the forefront of The Macallan’s wor

At The Macallan, we have a deep respect for both the environment and community, and our commitment to sustainability is a constant guiding principle.

Like many others, we are on a constant journey with sustainability, exploring different avenues and initiatives which will make a positive impact on the planet and communities.

The Macallan’s sustainability strategy is wide-reaching, incorporating a number of elements including:

• Nurturing The Macallan Estate to protect it for future generations

• Creating responsible packaging through balancing the luxury nature of The Macallan single malt whiskies with protection of the planet

• Partnering with sustainable suppliers to sustain the forests and fields where wood and barley are sourced

• Fusing traditional craftmanship and state-of-the art engineering to deliver a time-honoured whisky making process inspired by nature which truly sustainable by design

• Giving back to, investing in and supporting positive progress in our key communities

Collaboration and innovation


The recent announcement of The Macallan x Bentley partnership is founded upon shared values and a commitment towards a more sustainable future. We are united by our dedication to craftsmanship, creativity and innovation, and our exclusive partnership will share learnings, knowledge and experiences gained from their mutual sustainability projects.

We believe that we are in a position to lead and inspire others, driving meaningful change and building a legacy through collaboration and innovation. As a brand proud of our strong Scottish roots and distinguished history, we feel a deep responsibility to act with integrity to preserve our craftmanship and mastery for future generations.

Working towards a shared purpose


For us, sustainability is a driver of innovation and through collaboration with others we believe that we can make a positive impact on the world around us.

We know that we cannot address all of our challenges on our own, but through a pioneering programme of knowledge exchange and innovative partnerships, we can work together around a shared purpose, collaborating with academia, artisans, entrepreneurs, peers and private enterprise to find solutions to big challenges.

For example, as our Estate lies on the banks of the River Spey, one of Scotland’s most legendary rivers renowned across the world as a home to the mighty Atlantic salmon.

Protecting salmon and sea trout


Winding through the North East of Scotland, nearly two miles of the river flow through The Macallan Estate, and as a guardian of one of the last sanctuaries of Atlantic Salmon, The Macallan is committed to supporting vital conservation work in the river. We formed a charitable partnership with The Atlantic Salmon Trust to help protect at-risk fish.

The Atlantic Salmon Trust exists solely for the protection of wild salmon and sea trout. Its aim is to create a positive future for these at-risk species; using scientific research to understand their decline and using the support of partners to put evidence-based solutions into practice.

Finally, for almost 200 years, The Macallan has thrived as a local brand with a global presence because of the remarkable communities and networks it has built a strong relationship with.

Giving back to, investing in and supporting positive progress in key communities is a driving principle for The Macallan.

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