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Glen Moray’s new Sauternes matured whisky is perfect winter warmer

Glen Moray’s new Sauternes matured whisky is perfect winter warmer

Originally Posted: Deadline
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Combining the smoothness of its signature Speyside with the sweetness of Sauternes wine, Glen Moray’s latest bottling is sure to be top of every whisky lover’s Christmas list.

The cask strength dram is a real winter warmer, packed with the kind of depth that can only be achieved by its 14-year maturation process.

First unveiled on Monday, the bottle is the inaugural release from the distillery’s new Warehouse 1 Collection, named after the Elgin storage space that houses Glen Moray’s “experimental” casks.

The timing of the release could not be more pertinent, given the rich, festive flavours infused into each sip.

On the nose, there is the unmistakable sweetness of the Sauternes along with more bitter notes of chocolate.

While on the tongue, there is the trademark Speyside smoothness for which Glen Moray is renowned, sitting alongside more surprising notes of citrus and spice.

The £80 price tag belies not only the quality of this dram, but also its rarity, with just 1248 bottles available.

Glen Moray’s Head of Whisky, Dr Kirstie McCallum, is not wrong in her assessment that this is a “cracker of a dram”.

Dr McCallum said: It’s a perfect marriage of Glen Moray’s spirit with all the rich, deliciously sweet flavours you would enjoy in a glass of Sauternes.

“It’s a real celebration of flavour and Glen Moray’s passion for unusual cask maturation.”

And with its long, lingering finish the 60% Glen Moray Sauternes Cask Matured expression is sure to keep the holidays spirits high well into the New Year.

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