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Glen Moray’s exclusive Private Cask Collection

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Glen Moray’s exclusive Private Cask Collection

Originally Posted: Scottish Field
Photo Credit: Scottish Field

Glen Moray has unveiled its exclusive Private Cask Collection a handpicked selection of the Speyside distillery’s most treasured single malts, aged in the very best casks.

This series of precious, small batch whiskies launches with a sweet and rich 13 year old release finished in Marsala casks, a perfect combination of Glen Moray a quintessential Speyside, and sweet Sicilian wine cask, it is limited to just 238 bottles.

Followed for the USA by a 10-year-old release, finished in Pauillac Grand Cru red wine casks, from Bordeaux; and for China by an exceptional 26-year-old Madeira finish.

Glen Moray has been exploring the wealth of flavours which different casks offer its classically light and fruity Speyside whisky, since it was founded in 1897.

Records show that the very first spirit crafted at the distillery was aged in an unusually wide array of casks a tradition its craftsmen honour to this day.

Individually selected from Glen Moray’s Warehouse 1, where the distillery’s most cherished casks are kept, the whiskies of the Private Cask Collection each show outstanding depth and character, laid down in superior casks.

Glen Moray brand ambassador Iain Allan said: ‘The Private Cask Collection is the perfect opportunity for whisky collectors to explore some of Glen Moray’s most treasured casks.

‘Each single malt selected for the series stands out because of its exceptional quality and the first release is not to be missed. Finished in Marsala wine casks from Bordeaux, this 13-year-old bottling showcases the versatility of Glen Moray whisky.

‘It demonstrates how our spirit integrates, moulds and marries with different cask influences to produce a truly stunning and unique dram.’