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Ben Nevis whisky lost for 150 years up for auction

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Ben Nevis whisky lost for 150 years up for auction

Originally Posted: The Spirits Business
Photo Credit: Whiskydo

The Canada and Hong Kong-based company is inviting whisky fans to place pre-bids on the ancient whisky before the auction goes live next month.

The whisky, bottled 150 years ago, is called Dew of Ben Nevis and was found in the wall of a family home in Toronto, thought to be because Scottish people who settled in Canada believed it was good luck to place a bottle of whisky in the walls of a house.

Dew of Ben Nevis is made from a recipe developed by the distillery’s founder, John McDonald, and the bottle remains completely intact with the original cork, label and capsule – which is embossed with Queen Victoria’s Crown.

Niclas Prinz, president of Prinz Beverage Group, said: “The Ben Nevis Distillery is one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland and anyone who obtains this rare bottle will memorialise their fine spirit tradition.”

Whisky fans will have until 30 April to place pre-bids on the bottling. After this date the Dew of Ben Nevis will move to auction.

The Ben Nevis Distillery, now owned by Nikka Whisky Distilling, was founded in 1827.

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