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Strathmill Distillery

The distillery’s main purpose today is to provide malt whisky for Diageo’s stable of blended whiskies. Its light, fruity characteristic – coming from the long fermentations and specialised purifiers in the stills – have made it a well-loved malt for blending with.
Set up on the site of an old mill, the distillery was only in the hands of its original owners for a few years before it was purchased by an English gin producer named W. & A. Gibley, who changed the name to Strathmill from its original title of Glenilsa-Glenlivet.
The distillery operated throughout the early 20th century in its original form, before being expanded in the 1960s to include four stills. The current capacity is approximately 1.8 million litres with only one bottling available through the Diageo Flora & Fauna series.

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