access-to-stockVCL Vintners recommends that you store your wine within an independent warehouse although if desirable VCL Vintners can store your wines securely under bond at Vine International. Storing your wines within your own personal account gives the security of full ownership as well as the ability to buy and sell wines at any given time.

If your wines are not to be stored under bond a home delivery service is available at an additional cost. VCL Vintners will request that a proof of address be provided.

Please note that if your wines are to be delivered to a UK address you will be charged VAT. HM Revenue & Customs allows you to store your wine ‘under bond’, therefore allowing payment of excise duty and VAT to be delayed until released from bond. Should you decide to instruct VCL Vintners to deliver your wines then you will be charged VAT on the original sale price and not the current market value.

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