purchasing-levelsOur vast experience in the wine trade has, over the years, made us the first point of contact for many wine collectors. From consultancy to purchasing directly from Bordeaux’s prestigious chateaux, our team pride themselves on being highly knowledgeable and feel confident advising companies and individuals on the most suitable way to approach the wine market.

We have an established network of connections with traders, négociants and merchants globally. This network enables us to secure and dispose of your stock in an extremely cost-efficient fashion.

As stock picking is a crucial aspect of building your portfolio, it is vitally important to identify which wines to buy and equally important to know when to sell them.

At VCL Vintners all advice dispensed on trade decisions incorporates various industry supplied information: relative pricing, release strategies and our in depth knowledge of the market place.

The level to which you can be involved in the market is of course dependent on your own inclinations, the size of your existing portfolio and your general net worth. Initial size of acquisition and duration of hold are individual to each client.

In a nutshell, at VCL, we offer the following range of services to our customers:

– Fine Wine List & Offers

– Cellar/Portfolio Advice & Management

– Personal Wine Storage Accounts

– Purchasing of Fine Wine

– Fine Wine Broking

– Tastings & Wine Education

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